See children hurt, he felt Xinrudaoge: “But Dad had no choice, so you appear in his father’s world, so small, so cute, take care of your life, it is tough to dad once thought of giving up, as long as you can from far away, my heart just fall on your body.”He sighed,” Dad does not know such behavior is not too selfish, selfish to ask you to face this for you is not necessarily a better world.Small fortune, you do not apologize to me, is that I’m sorry.”




  The so-called love at first sight, most of them are built on the good looks.The bride was found that out the package, even if it is not too ugly Wangxiang Chun, Master Chia was extremely disappointed.He was pretty good heart, let Wangxiang Chun also proposed to stay when small rooms, as Wang Xiangqin, it is still as planned married here.As a result, it Jishihaoren the old Zhu Jia-door wall, this did not become another way.