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Let ‘s think about him tonight: you come from afar, I will go to afar

Let ‘s think about him tonight: You come from a distance, I will go to a distance | 夜 问
Answer: “Face to the Sea, Spring Blossoms” appeared in the film “West Wind” in Figure 2 and Haizi’s “Poetry of the Dark Night” was quoted in the film “Tuina” in Figure 3.Poems appear in both the film “The World Without Thieves” and the film “Roadside Monopoly” in Figure 4, but the former is an ancient poem written by director Bi Gan himself.”Facing the sea, spring flowers bloom” Almost every Chinese has heard that this pair of words will appear in various lyrical or beautiful occasions. People in the city like to use it to express their imagination of idyllic pastoral life.Real estate developers like to use it to increase the value of assets.The warmth and warmth on the surface of the whole poem makes it easy to think that the person who wrote the poem is very happy, but the last sentence “I only wish .” aroused the author’s mind, he separated himself from the happiness of this world,Give blessings to others.Haizi, formerly known as Cha Haisheng, born in 1964, is a contemporary young poet.He was admitted to the Faculty of Law of Peking University when he was 15 years old. He began writing poetry during college. After graduation, he was a professional teacher in colleges and universities. He committed suicide by lying on the rails near Shanhaiguan on March 26, 1989. He was only 25 years old.Haizi is a symbol of Chinese poetry, and his death has been given a symbolic meaning.After the “Cultural Revolution”, Chinese poetry revived and new poems continued to emerge. By the early 1980s, hazy poems flourished. Beidao, Gucheng, Shu Ting . poets appeared in endlessly.Haizi’s death triggered a discussion about the “death of poetry”.Haizi ‘s unrecognized works were republished and circulated after death.(At that time, many poets were self-published, and Haizi also self-published and submitted works in poetry journals.) Now, poetry is even more boring, and the utility of poetry exceeds ideological enlightenment and pure beauty.Utilitarianism and material make poetry bad, but there are people who insist on it.Haizi’s poems appeared in some movies, and they were appropriate.In the western film “West Wind” of China, “Facing the Sea, Spring Blossoms” appeared in the desert of the west, and the young women (Ma Su) who roamed the world chanted in the Shaanxi dialect to the guests in the tent.This poem.When the other party asked her that there is no sea here, she replied that the Gobi Desert is her sea. Who can say that the sea that Haizi said is the real sea?As long as you can “feed horses, chopp firewood, travel the world”, you are facing the sea.In the movie “Tuina” that saw the life of the blind, Haizi’s poem appeared in the mouth of Sha Fuming (Qin Hao), the owner of the blind massage shop.This man who can’t see the light has light in his heart, so he recited Haizi’s “Poems of the Dark Night”.For the blind, “Night is eternal, but they can choose to light a lamp in their hearts.”” After the harvest, some people in the desolate land took the harvest for one year, took the food and ridden the horse . “In Bi Gan’s” Roadside Colonization “(Figure 4), some poems appeared, such as” carryingThe banks of the city ‘s subtropical monsoon flooded the bridges that were n’t drunk yet. The drunk buildings used silence to hangover. ”“ Without music, the degraded ears, without the precepts, extinguished the candlelight, like returning to the era of misunderstanding photographyThe soul blocks the language without the razor and lives for nine years without the heart. “But all from Bi Gan himself, it can be seen that the director has a gully in his chest.After Haizi’s death, there were still poems in China. Some Yu Xiuhua still had many corners that needed our attention.When the thieves in “The World Without Thieves” all spit the golden sentence-“The one who knows me is my heart, and the one who doesn’t know me is what I ask for” “I would have my heart toward the moon, but the moon shines on the ditch”You and I, infiltrated by the millennium culture, will let go of utilitarianism at that moment and look for the quiet spot.