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2015 Super Cup-Luneng 5:3 Evergrande won the championship, Evergrande missed the championship for 3 consecutive years _1

2015 Super Cup-Luneng 5:3 Evergrande wins Evergrande missed the championship for 3 consecutive years
Minnan.com February 15 In the 2015 Super Cup, which ended yesterday, Shandong Luneng defeated Guangzhou Evergrande 5:3 in the penalty shootout to win the Super Cup for the first time.Since the first time the Super Cup was played in 1995, Luneng spent 20 years for this championship. This is also the first time that Luneng has beaten Guangzhou Evergrande in the past five years, and the Chinese Super League champion Guangzhou Evergrande has been in consecutive 3 years.Missed the Super Bowl champion.  Ma Yun, one of the club’s owners, watched the game on the spot in Hangzhou, but still failed to bring good luck to the team.This is Ma Yun’s second live viewing of Evergrande’s game. The first time was the AFC Champions League at home against Western Sydney. Although Evergrande won the game, it was still behind and eliminated in the total score.杯赛的悲剧  恒大面对的不是表现出色的鲁能门将王大雷、挡出黄博文点球的球门横梁,而是某种搞不定杯赛的传统——这些年来,恒大实现了中超四连冠,征服了Asia, but lost a lot of cup champions.  The Chinese Super League’s four consecutive championships means that Evergrande has 4 chances to compete for the Super Cup title.However, after defeating TEDA 2:1 in the first Super Cup in 2012, Evergrande started a streak of losing streak mode-2013 Super Cup 1:2 loss Shuntian, 2014 Super Cup 0:1 loss.This time, it was not only Cannavaro’s first ever coaching show, but also the appearance of Gorrat and Alan’s new foreign aid. The result was regrettable.  The history of Evergrande’s FA Cup was not smooth.In 2011, the second round was defeated and eliminated in the penalty shootout. In 2012, the two rounds defeated 5:3 and won the FA Cup, but the debt was paid the following year; the fourth round of the 2014 FA Cup was built.In the industry, although Diamanti and Gilardino started, Evergrande broke out.Time is running out    Evergrande has been the sufferer of Luneng before. Since Evergrande played in the Chinese Super League in 2011, the two sides have played 8 times, and Luneng has 5 draws and 3 losses.This time Luneng finally broke the curse and started the new season with the Super Cup champion. For Evergrande, the opposite is true.  As a cup match before the new season, the Luneng and Evergrande matchup even means the main melody after the start of the league. After both teams introduced high-value foreign aid, whether Luneng shakes the Evergrande dynasty or Evergrande continues to be strong, which makes the newThe season has attracted much attention.  Yesterday’s game can also be seen, Evergrande has not yet entered the best state, there is not enough tacit understanding among the players, more turnovers on the field.On February 25, Evergrande will usher in the first AFC Champions League game of the new season. This is the real test for Evergrande.For Evergrande, who is determined to win the AFC Champions League and the Chinese Super League, there is not much time left for them.Ever since Kongka left, Evergrande has lost the core of the midfield.Evergrande had hoped that Zheng Long could top it, but he was trapped by injuries for a long time.The reason why Evergrande fans miss the former king of celestial bodies is precisely because Kongka is indispensable.  In the 2015 season where there are more local tyrants and a stronger arms race, Evergrande wants to defend the Chinese Super League, the test is unprecedented!